Agadir Framed Tile Collection


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United States$15.00$10.00

Art nouveau inspired with exotic leaf designs, this original set of decorative art tiles are made of porcelain, 20" high (51 cm) x 8" wide (20.3 cm) , signed and dated.

Housed in a high quality, gunmetal (glossy dark gray) metal frame and under glass, this lovely collection of wall tiles will inspire and intrigue. My collection of tiles evoke a little of the "local color" of a place; in this case, exploring an oceanside resort town in Morroco.

Five tiles are mounted to a double-matted, archival, ivory base mat. Each tile has a depth of only a few millimeters but stands out from the base mat at about 1/4" from its mounting, to add dimension.

Each tile is hand-created as a single piece but with regard to the flow and relationship to the piece as a whole. I apply several layers of porcelain on top of a base color and etch away the layers using water and a resist. A bit of accent underglazes are hand-painted onto the high-fired piece and a final coat of gloss glaze is applied to bring out the color. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, happily made in my studio at the Beaver Mill.