Violet Petals Art Tile


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This pretty little art tile is reminiscent of days long gone yet maintains a contemporary appearance. It's kind of like my grandma's kitchen. There's a little something retro about it, maybe a little dash of oriental and definitely "art nouveau" inspired. Collect one or group several together.

Ready to hang, this rectangular tile is just under 6.5" on its longest side, 3.75" on its shortest side and 1' depth. It features an etched, wrap-around pattern that is highlighted with a gloss glaze while the background remains matte (unglazed porcelain). This striking contrast between gloss glaze and matte adds depth of pattern and catches the light.

I use a high-fired porcelain clay body, rendering the tile very robust. The tile is a slab-constructed, hollow form. The color is achieved by using hand-colored porcelain and underglaze as embellishment. Two nail holes are on the backside of the piece, allowing for a flat, clean, wall-to-tile placement.