My palette

I begin with a palette of colors that I've developed over the years: porcelain slips (liquid porcelain) and porcelain clay bodies. They both start out as white porcelain and when mixed with stains and oxides, various beautiful hues, tints and shades can be achieved with the addition of heat! I fire to a fairly high temperature of 2262ºF (cone 7), using electric kilns.



The decorative work starts after several layers of slip have been applied to a base: a hand-colored porcelain form (tile, vase, sculpture).The top layer is allowed to dry and a design is drawn onto its surface. Eventually, I retrace the design using shellac which will act as a resist when dry and reveal the layers beneath as the piece is etched using water and a damp sponge

Further embellishment is achieved with the application of underglazes and finished with a final gloss glaze, either in part to enhance just the raised design or the entire piece, often depending upon the piece's intended use. Each piece requires two to three firings to account for the surface design.